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Our famous Puppy Love lipstick is the perfect blend of mauve and a rosed tone nude! This is one of our popular lipsticks as it goes with absolutely EVERYTHING! Puppy Love is an all time favourite that compliments the features of every skintone and gives a natural yet bronze feel to the face!

PRODUCT FEATURE: Xtreme Mattifying Lipstick 

SHADE: Mauve Rosed Tone Nude

NET WT:  4G/0.14 US OZ

BENEFITS FOR YOU: Introducing our Xtreme Matte Lipsticks that provide full coverage, long lasting, no shine and are extremely pigmented. They are packed with the antioxidant Vitamin E and contain natural vanallin extract. They give a smooth matte finish with timeless colours to choose from! They are super comfortable on the lips and are perfect for everyday wear! Our formula is made for everyday comfort that will give you the perfect shade, without sacrificing your moisture! 

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