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Camera Ready Primer: Our Camera Ready Primer is the Go-To for your make up base! It gives you a matte finish and minimizes fine lines and best of all its perfect for all skin types!! It helps makeup last all day and gives you an absolute flawless finish!

PRODUCT FEATURE: A primer that makes the face feel nice and smooth, minimizes fine lines and helps makeup last all day.

Shade: Clear


BENEFITS FOR YOU: Are you tired of crease lines? Or your foundation drying out your skin or even giving you a cake-face look? Well, our Camera Ready Primer is UNREAL! The fact that a little goes a long way is the best part! You’ll get a beautiful coat of primer that will make your skin feel even and smooth. The best is when you give it a minute to settle in the skin before applying your foundation and you’ll get the best results! The fact that it is clear is another bonus because it will never take away from your pigmentation of your foundation!
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