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Our Ambrosia lippie is a perfect blend of feminine and gentle with a bit of dazzle and pop!! We like to showcase our Ambrosia lippie as a mix between a raspberry red/pink blend. It is a great colour for day to day events while giving that perfect edge yet, leaving a warm and fun pink pop to the blend!

PRODUCT FEATUREA long lasting, full coverage, matte liquid lipstick

SHADE: Medium Raspberry Red

NET WT: 6g/0.21 US OZ 

BENEFITS FOR YOU: A velvet liquid lippie that is nourishing, hydrating, yet mattifying! With our lippies you will not need to sacrifice moisture for matte! They give you a smooth, rich bold pigmentation without cracking and leaving your lips look dehydrated. Our lippies will not feather on the lips allowing you to go all day with the perfect smooch

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